Intensive Home Rehab Programs (AIHR)

Apple ClinicsIntensive Home Rehab Programs (AIHR) are targeted at serious medical and post operative/post trauma conditions such as Cancer, Cardiac Disease, Myocardial Infarction, Heart Transplant, Stroke, Surgeries, Post Trauma, Accident & Burns Cares, Paralysis, Bed Ridden Care etc. that need intensive patient management using highly skilled doctors, paramedics, specialized equipment and round-the-clock emergency management support.

Our Intensive Home Rehab Protocols are designed to offer intensive care in the comfort of your home immediately after the in-patient/hospitalization phase is over. The unique Apple Clinics model combines a multi-disciplinary team of General Physicians, Specialists, Intensivists, Nursing, Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Psycho-counselors and Personal Care Attendants that work in a holistic and seamless manner to ensure maximum patient comfort and fastest patient recovery. The programs are comprehensive, highly structured and follow a precise time-table wherein each and every aspect of patient care and recovery is tracked to the last detail.

Programs we offer in this category include:

  • Apple Clinics Intensive : Oncology Support & Palliative Care Program/li>
  • Apple Clinics Intensive : Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
  • Apple Clinics Intensive : Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
  • Apple Clinics Intensive : Post Operative/Post Trauma Rehabilitation Program
  • Apple Clinics Intensive : Bedridden Care
  • Apple Clinics Intensive : Pregnancy Care (ANC/PNC)