Home Chronic Care & Wellness Programs (AHCW)

Apple Clinics Home Chronic Care & Wellness Programs (ZHCW) are targeted at chronic medical conditions as well as overall wellness and cover Healthy Individuals, Individuals with minor/cyclical ailments not requiring extensive medical treatment and/or hospitalizations as well as individuals suffering from chronic conditions including Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiac Diseases, Arthritis, Gastro-Intestinal Diseases, Hepato-Renal Diseases, Neuro-Psychiatry Disorders etc. The program is also meant for special groups such as the Elderly, Children etc. who have special medical needs and therefore need special care.

Our Home Chronic Care & Wellness Protocols along with a highly skilled team of doctors, paramedics, specialized equipment and round-the-clock medical support are designed to offer comprehensive care in the comfort of your home while you live life to the fullest. The unique Apple Clinics model combines a multi-disciplinary team of General Physicians, Specialists, Intensivists, Nursing, Physiotherapists, Dieticians and Personal Care Attendants that work in a holistic and seamless manner to ensure maximum patient comfort and better patient outcomes and control. The programs are comprehensive, highly structured and follow a precise time-table wherein each and every aspect of patient care and chronic management is tracked to the last detail.

Some of the programs in this category include :

  • Apple Clinics Senior : Comprehensive Elderly Care
  • Apple Clinics Heart : Comprehensive Cardiac Care
  • Apple Clinics Diabeta : Comprehensive Diabetic Care
  • Apple Clinics Ortho : Comprehensive Ortho Care
  • Apple Clinics Core : Comprehensive Gastro-Intestinal / Hepato-Renal Care
  • Apple Clinics Wellness : Women/Menopausal General Wellbeing & Care
  • Apple Clinics Wellness : Men General Wellbeing & Care
  • Apple Clinics Pedia : Comprehensive Childcare (Infant/Adolescent)